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Chelation Therapy and Autism

Serious scientific consideration is being given to Chelation and autism ever since the theory that autism could be the result of metallic poisoning was propounded.

What is autism?

Autism is a complex developmental disability that is caused by the faulty functioning of the brain. Autism affects a personís social interaction and communication. An autistic person has problems with communication both verbal and non verbal. Some autistic patients are repetitive in thought and action. Most patients who suffer autism have severely restricted activities and interests.

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is a detoxification method by which an organic chemical or chelative agent is introduced either orally or more popularly intravenously into the body. The chemical has a negative charge that combines with toxic heavy metal waste inside the body and forms a complex which can be easily and normally expelled by the body. Chelation is a therapeutic system that is particularly useful for the expulsion of heavy metal toxins from the body.

Why is Chelation therapy considered a treatment for autism?

Researchers believe that autism is caused by mercury exposure in childhood vaccines. Autism could also be caused by exposure to aluminum and formaldehyde which are proven neurotoxins that affect the brain. Chelating agents are inducted intravenously to form complexes with mercury and other poisonous heavy metals in the body. Once the complex is formed the toxic metal can be excreted normally by the body. The heavy metal residue reduction may result in a permanent cure for conditions like autism.

What research is being conducted in the area of chelation as a treatment for autism?

Researchers at the Kaiser Permanante division of Research in Oakland, the John Hopkins University Mary land, The University of North Carolina, The University of Pennsylvania and the Colorado department of Public health and environment are studying the beneficial effects of chelation and autism and whether autism is caused by metal poisoning which can be easily treated. The National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute of Health in their campus in Bethesda, Maryland are researching the effect of thimeresol a mercury based preservative used in vaccines as the cause of autism and the benefits of using chelation as a cure for autism caused by mercury poisoning.

What are the advantages in using Chelation to treat autism?

Studies have shown that using a chelating agent called succimer also known as chemet or meso2 helps reduce autism symptoms. DMSA a chelating agent used in lead poisoning with FDA approval has shown considerable autism reduction results in a study conducted in Markham, Ontario Canada.

What are the risks involved in using chelation as a treatment for autism?

A five year old autistic British child died when being treated with chelation therapy and this has put chelation as a treatment for autism under a cloud. The child died because of unusual reduction of calcium levels in its body while undergoing chelation therapy. No conclusive research has been conducted about the efficacy of chelation therapy on autistic patients.

Does the FDA approve of chelation therapy for autism?

The FDA approves of chealtion therapy only for lead poisoning treatment. Chelation does not have federal approval for treating autism nor does the AMA (American Medical Association) approve of its use on autistic patients. Chelation therapy for autistic patients must be conducted only on the advice of a physician.


Autism has no known cure. Research is underway to establish whether autism is a mental condition that is caused by mercury poisoning. If the theory has enough medical research backing to become conclusive proof, chelation may well become the inexpensive, harmless treatment for treating a grave brain disorder.

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