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Does Chelation Therapy Work?

Does Chelation Therapy work is a question addressed by medical researchers because if chelation therapy is found to be effective, diseases caused by metal poisoning can be safely and effectively treated.

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is a process by which an organic amino acid or chemical called a chelating agent is inducted in the body to combine with toxic heavy metal particles present in the body. When the chelating agent forms a complex with the toxin, the body can effectively and naturally expel the toxin.

How does Chelation Therapy work?

Chelation therapy includes oral and intravenous methods. The popular method of heavy metal detoxification using chelation therapy is by intravenously inducting the chelation agent. The chelating agents find metal substances bind them into a complex substance which is excreted naturally by the body. Popular chelating agents are vitamin c, EDTA and DMSA. Your body ingests many heavy metals through air pollutants, medicines and food. Abnormally high concentrations of metals like lead mercury and copper can result in cancerous growths and organ infections. Your arteries are coated with plaque because of excessive calcium deposits. Chelating agents combine with these metallic particles and cleanse them from the body increasing better functioning of blood vessels and retarding the growth of cancerous cells.

What should you know when looking for a chelation therapy practitioner ?

A doctor who is a specialist in vascular disease is the most competent professional to treat vascular disease. You must find out how many patients the doctor has treated. You must also ask what chelating agent is being used by the doctor. Magnesium ETDA is the only chelating agent approved of by the American Board of chelation therapy. The doctor must have a diploma issued by the American Board of Chelation therapy. The treatments must last only for three to three and a half hours. The doctor should test your blood and urine to ascertain toxic content in the body before starting the therapy. The doctor should schedule a maintenance session once a month. Most States have Chelation Medical Centers which are certified by the American Board of Chelation Therapy and conduct chelation therapy as their core function. The American Board of Chelation Therapy has a strict recommended protocol. Make sure that your doctor follows the protocol correctly. The website of the doctor will generally give you an idea of the protocol; followed.

What are the negative effects of Chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women. Chelation therapy could result in kidney and heart failure. Patients diagnosed with heart and kidney diseases should not take chelation therapy at any doze. Chelation therapy is still being researched and is at best an alternative remedy. It may therefore not be safe for all patients to forgo conventional treatments and try chelation therapy as a cure all. Chelation Therapy can have negative effects on Patients with diabetes Chelation therapy has side effects. Patients undergoing chelation therapy complain of headaches nausea, dizziness, stomach aches and discomfort. While these may be signs of toxins leaving the body, it can make a patient feel very ill. Supplementing the body with minerals and vitamins is necessary because many metals are required by the body and chelating agents remove all heavy metals in the body. Sometimes chelation therapy results in the drastic reduction of calcium from the body.

Has the FDA approved of Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy has been approved of by the FDA for treating lead poisoning. In all other cases research is in its early stages with no documented proof of benefits although Government funded research on the possible benefits of chelation therapy is underway.


The fact that standard medical practice recognizes the benefits of chelation therapy in treating metal poisoning shows the promise of chelation therapy being used for treating a whole host of illnesses and conditions in the future. Many patients who have turned to using chelation therapy as a detoxification method have found enormous benefits in symptom alleviation.

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