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What is Chelation Therapy?

With the increasing interest in chelation therapy as a detoxification method the question often arises regarding what is chelation therapy. Chelation is derived from the Greek word to grasp applied to the process of chemical absorption by the analytical chemist, G.T. Morgan. Chelating therapy is the process of using positively charged amino acids to combine with toxins in the human body to form metal complexes which can then be naturally and easily excreted by the body.

How does Chelation Therapy Work?

A man made amino acid called EDTA or other synthetic chelating agents like DMSA are introduced into the body. These agents form complexes with toxic substances especially heavy metal toxins which are then easily removable by the body in the natural process of removing waste. Chelating agents are introduced by intravenous methods and oral methods. Intravenous chelation is the popular process and its use has been approved of by the FDA in cases of metal poisoning.

What are the benefits of Chelation Therapy?

When metallic toxins are removed from the body, the patient can avoid symptoms and conditions caused by the presence of metallic substances in the body. Many cancers are caused by the presence of abnormal levels of mercury, lead and cadmium. Chelation Therapy is a minimally or invasive method of preventing cancers caused by metallic toxins. Chelation Therapy is useful in cleaning arteries of calcium plaque which accumulates in arteries and causes constrictions in blood vessels. While the effect is still being researched, the possibility of curing heart diseases by arterial plaque cleansing has not been ruled out by scientists. Chelation helps cleanse the body of dangerous levels of cholesterol and prevents the growth of cancerous cells.

What are the risks involved in undergoing Chelation Therapy?

Pregnant and lactating women should not undergo chelation therapy. Patients with heart disease have suffered congestive heart failure during a session of chelation therapy. Chelation Therapy may have adverse effects on diabetics. Some patients have experience the side effects of burning sensations, fever, drop in blood pressure, headache and nausea, A case has been reported of a child dying because of a drop in calcium levels during chelation therapy.

What research is being conducted about the benefits of Chelation Therapy?

It is difficult to simulate the effect of chelation therapy and prove its effect in a laboratory and research is at its early stages. The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) supports research in the area of chelation therapy. The National Institute of Health is conducting a nationwide research on the effects of chelation therapy on coronary heart disease. Unconfirmed reports of the success of chelation in curing mental disorders have been cited from the University of Calgary in Canada, and Heidelberg in Germany. However, until a detailed study about the benefits of chelation is made available, ETDA chelation therapy remains a medical treatment that is not conventionally accepted by medical science. Does the FDA approve of Chelation therapy?

The FDA has given selective approval for chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is approved of as a therapeutic method of curing metal poisoning. Since, the American Heart association, the American Medical Association and the National Institute of Health do not recognize chelation therapy as a method used to treat mental disorders and heart disease, the FDA has not given its full approval.


Chelation therapy is a safe and minimally invasive method of metal detoxification of the body. Since natural organic agents are introduced into the body to cleanse the body of toxic metals, it is easy for the body to naturally remove toxins and prevent many diseases resulting from heavy metal poisoning. Medical research into the benefits of Chelation Therapy is not conclusive but it may well be the inexpensive, disease preventive and effective internal cleansing method of the future.

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