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Clay Baths

EBN ® Detoxifying Clay Baths is a 100% pure pharmaceutical grade bentonite clay that has a very high cation exchange capacity (CEC) of 98-107 meq/100g.

These Clay Baths draw out chemical toxins and pollutants from the body. It is also helps to pull out heavy metals from your body. Many experts in environmental toxicology believe that bodies that have abnormal amounts of mercury, lead, arsenice aluminum, copper, or even cadmium may be more proned to auto immune diseases. By removing these heavy metals through the EBN ® Detoxifying Clay Baths you can help your body help itself.

Quality of our Clay.

EBN ® Detoxifying Clay is a USP purified bentonite clay that made from pharmaceutical grades materials. Our clay is perfectly safe for cosmetic and bathing purposes. Most manufactures of clay can not make this claim. According to Ralph Spindler, the research and development scientist for a leading clay manufacturer, all clays typically contain impurities, usually bacteria and molds; therefore when bathing in unpurified clay, it is possible that what people think of as "detox reactions" may actually be reactions to impurities in the clay itself. We stand behind the quality and pureness of our product..

Will I be allergic to this clay? - Our clay contains no no fillers or herbs. These are the typical ingredients that cause allergic reactions in people. Since our clay is designed to draw out metals from your body we do not need to fillers or herbs to our formula. We guarantee that our clay is 100% pure with no fillers, bacteria, viruses, molds, or yeats..

What is CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)

EBN ® Detoxifying Clay has the highest cation exchange capacity, or negative ionic surface charge, of any clay we have sold (98-107 meq/100g on the CEC scale). This means that it has a superior "pulling action" for drawing toxins out through the pores of the skin. Mixing EBN ® Detoxifying Clay with very warm water creates a high negative ionic surface charge, which draws any "positively charged" particles, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, pesticides, insecticides, food additives, nicotine, and any inorganic residues through the pores of the skin. The toxins are drawn out electro-magnetically.

Price: $48.50

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Kids Clear ® is a 100% pure pharmaceutical grade bentonite clay that has a very high cation exchange capacity (a 98-107 meq/100g on the CEC scale), which means it has a very high ionic surface charge when mixed with warm water. The Kids Clear ® Detoxifying Clay Baths not only draw out chemical toxins and pollutants from the body, it also assists in pulling out heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, copper and lead, that many doctors agree are a causative factor in the development of Autistic Spectrum Disorder symptoms.

  • Purified bentonite clay free of bacteria, yeast, and mold
  • Hypoallergenic - No added ingredients
  • Small particle size makes it easy to dissolve with no clumping
  • No special cleanup required
  • Clay bath water can safely go down tub drain
  • Comes in economically sized container (2.5 lbs)
One Parent's Experience using Kids Clear ® Clay Baths with their Autistic Child

"This is the best thing that has happened to Haley. She can play with toys and puzzles now. Likes to color, use stickers and play dough. Her three Special Ed teachers cannot believe this is the same child they first met.

Speech is slowly coming out and we have every hope she will be talking more each month that passes. I will always give her these clay baths. Also, she was found to have high levels of mercury and cadmium."
- Sandy Geasa, Surprise, AZ

When you mix this clay with water, it creates a large negatively charged surface area. When the body is in a tub of warm water, the warm water opens up the pores of the skin, and the positively charged toxic particles are drawn through the pores of the skin, to be absorbed by the clay. Most chemical and metal toxins have a positive charge, whereas the clay has a negative charge. Thus, the toxins cannot resist being drawn towards the clay. Bentonite clay has a great capacity for absorbing many times its own weight in toxins. In other words, clay baths have been shown to literally pull pollutants out through the skin, getting rid of many months and years of toxic accumulations.

2.5 lbs (7 cups) - Good for 10-15 baths

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