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Detox Foot Baths

Detox foot baths are new age commercially available electrotherapeutic devices. Detox foot bath users find great health benefits. The thorough internal body cleanse provided by the foot bath is the simplest and safest method of removing toxic matter from the body without side effects.

What are Detox Foot Baths?

Detox foot baths are a variation of the regular foot bath. They are connected to electricity and are programmed to stimulate water to permeate the skin and remove toxic matter in the body.

How do Detox Foot Baths work?

Detox Foot Baths work with a process called electrolysis. Low voltage power is used to stimulate the molecules in the water in the foot bath. The molecules divide and negative ions are released. The skin absorbs these ions through another process called osmosis. Osmosis is the spontaneous movement of water through semi permeable membranes like our skin. The simple explanation is that osmosis is the process by which water goes in an out of our cells. Most toxins and unnecessary matter in the body are positively charged. When the negatively charged ions are absorbed by the skin, they react with these positively charged toxins that will be in the form of heavy metals, oils, acids, gels, cellular debris and chemicals. The negative ions also combine with positively charged particles in parasites, pinworms, colored mucous, and nicotine from the cells of people who were smokers. Once the ions combine with these toxins they gently eliminate them through osmosis naturally. This can be seen by the changing colors of the water in the foot bath.

What are the benefits of Detox Foot Baths?

Detox foot baths help in enhancing the body’s ability to heal and remove toxins. The energy within the body is properly balanced once a thorough cleansing detoxification is completed. Detoxification helps faster recovery and healing of injury and disease. It increases the oxygen levels in the body and is a cleansing pain reliever. Detoxification has proved to be a beneficial answer to headache and migraine sufferers. Detoxification is a painless immunity booster with no side effects. The simplest method of detoxification is to comfortably soak your feet in a detox foot bath.

What are the risks involved in using detox foot baths?

Detox foot baths do not generally have side effects. However, the process involves electricity generation and can sometimes disturb the working of the body. Detox foot baths have stainless steel components. Some people are allergic to the chromium, nickel, manganese and iron released by stainless steel. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant women and nursing mothers are not advised to use detox foot baths. Patients who use pacemakers or other battery operated implants or health assistive devices will find that detox foot baths interfere with the functioning of the devices. Patients of epilepsy and seizures are advised against using detox foot baths. Children under the age of 8 should not use detox foot baths or any other form of electrotherapeutic equipment. The FDA has not sanctioned usage of the Detox foot baths hence manufacturers carry a disclaimer stating that the equipment is for personal, experimental purposes only. They also carry a medical disclaimer that they are not a replacement for qualified medical treatment.

What Detox foot baths are Commercially Available?

Peditox Detox Therapy system is a commercially available detox foot bath. It claims to have 70-80 uses depending on the quality of the water and proper care.
Aqua Chi Detox Foot bath is designed to give the customer the effect of a natural hot spring. They also offer a money back guarantee.
Ionic Detox Foot Bath comes with a user manual and aluminum carry case.
Bio Cleanse Detox foot Bath has 2 modes. The Professional mode can provide two foot baths at a time and has customized settings. The personal mode provides one foot bath and has no customized settings.
The Best Energy foot Bath is available only directly from the company in Las Vegas by mail order.


Detox foot baths are methods of luxuriating in a healthy way. It is a convenient method of relaxing while bathing your feet and literally washing away a multitude of unhealthy disorders.

Price: $48.50

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