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Detox Foot Spa

A detox foot spa is a health machine, available in the market, combining the beneficial effects of hydrotherapy and electrotherapy. Toxins accumulate in our body due to smoking, alcohol, stress and pollution. With the combined effect of water and electricity, these detox foot spas draw out the toxic matter in our bodies and help us live a healthier and happier life without the discomfort of a detox diet.

What is a Detox Foot Spa?

detox foot spas cleanse the whole body by activating water molecules to flush out toxins. SPA is the acronym for the Latin expression Samus Per Aquam which means health by or through water. While the word spa denotes different types of health systems today, the detox foot spa is perhaps the only detoxification method that lives up to the original Latin meaning of health by water.

How does a Detox Foot Spa Work?

When you connect a detox foot spa to electricity after filling it with water, the program directs the correct amount of electricity to isolate negative ions from the water molecules. These ions have an electromagnetic field capable of neutralizing the toxic ions in the body which are almost always positively charged. The electricity in a foot spa creates gentle vibrations that stimulate the 2000 pores of the foot to absorb the negative ions into the body and to draw out the neutralized toxin cells from the body through a spontaneous property of water molecule transport called osmosis.

What are the benefits of using a Detox Foot Spa?

Using a detox foot spa is a painless, non invasive method of cleansing the body. The process involved in using a detox foot spa removes toxins, body wastes and heavy metal ions that are not released by other body waste elimination processes. It aids faster recovery from illnesses and reduces inflammation. It increases the oxygen levels in the body thus increasing the energy levels of the body. The process of cleansing using a detox foot spa helps in removing viruses bacteria yeast and fungus and this has a positive effect on the immune system. Customers who use detox foot spas find that they get better sleep. It assists weight loss, relieves allergies and clears dead skin. It is safe for children 8 years and up.

What are the risks involved in using detox health spas?

The risks involved in using detox foot spas are few unless you are using other electric or battery assisted health aids like pacemakers, battery aided implants or metal joint implants. Patients who use heartbeat regulatory medication should also refrain from using detox foot spas. Those who have had an organ transplant or have had organs removed may have adverse effects when using detox foot spas. Patients who frequently suffer seizures or epileptic convulsions should avoid using detox foot spas. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are also cautioned against using detox foot spas. Children under the age of 8 should not use detox foot spas. The FDA has not evaluated Detox foot spas. They should, therefore not be equated or used as a substitute for medical advice. It is advisable to use detox foot spas after consultation with a physician.

What precautions should I take while using a detox foot spa?

You should not use a computer or mobile phone while using a detox foot spa. You should eat before using a detox foot spa if you suffer from low blood pressure. You should eat a multivitamin tablet before using a detox foot spa because the ions released combine with beneficial electrolytes like calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium and remove them from the body. Drink sufficient water before using a detox foot spa and above all follow the instructions and do not overuse the detox foot spa in order to obtain optimum benefits.

What are the commercially available detox foot spas?

Dr. Scholls the renowned foot care company has a water jet spa which detoxes while combining a heat massage for the foot.
Peditox detox foot spa is a lightweight foot spa with an automatically regulated electricity charge manufactured by the Oxton partnership.
Homedics ST-4 claims that it is a vibra luxury foot spa with heat and an invigorating bubble action.
The Ion detox Foot Spa is a clinical grade unit with five different programmable modes.
The Aqua Vida detox foot spa claims to be easy to use with a five year limited warranty.


Using detox foot spas is a relaxing method of cleansing the body on the inside. Detox Foot spas are not painful or stressful and easy to use giving maximum relief and optimum health.

Price: $48.50

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