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Kids' Baths

What are Kids Baths?

Purifying regimens such as clay and mud baths have been used for centuries and are gaining more popularity in spa treatments, boasting intense relaxation as well as detoxifying and therapeutic properties. Clay baths have proven helpful in removing toxin buildup within the body, especially unwanted metallic elements brought on by everyday pollutants. Mud baths allow for a remarkable feeling of weightlessness, and many have found them to relieve various types of pain and minor ailments. What most people do not realize is that these relaxing baths can also be beneficial for children; on a daily basis, kids are exposed to many of the same pollutants and stresses that adults are, and there are specially formulated baths that can aid in detoxification.

Can Kids Bathe in Clay?

Most of the kids' baths available are clay baths, as the clay has powerful magnetic properties that allow toxins to be safely and effectively removed from the body, even in children. Some of the potentially harmful substances children can be exposed to include levels of mercury, food additives, inorganic chemicals, pesticides, household cleaners and automotive exhaust. Because clay has a negative magnetic charge, it can form a strong bond to the residue of many of these positively charged, toxic metals and pull them through the pores and out of the child's body. Using such detoxifying techniques on children may thwart the onset of illnesses, as well as alleviate symptoms from certain disorders.

Why Kid Baths?

Children who have conditions such as Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can greatly benefit from the powerful properties of kids' clay baths. Kids with Autism can suffer from exacerbated symptoms when there is a substantial buildup of metallic toxins in their bodies. Because of the difficulty children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders face when it comes to metabolizing certain pollutants within their bodies, clay kids' baths can prove extremely helpful. Clay baths have the ability to pull out a great deal of the harmful metallic residue that seems to prevent these children from necessary physical and neurological development. Some of this buildup of metals within the body is due to vaccinations, exposure to mercury, and other common pollutants; some of these are heavy metals that can cause health and behavioral problems in children. Parents of children with Autism have said that administering regular clay baths for them has seemed to rid the children of harmful buildup, and they have noticed an improvement in the development of speech and social skills.

Studies of Kid Baths?

Children who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder can similarly benefit from the absorptive properties of clay in kids' baths. Studies have shown that exposure to lead may cause hyperactivity and ADD, and that an increasing number of children have been exposed to large quantities of lead in the last two decades. Other symptoms and ailments that can be linked to lead exposure include fatigue, muscular problems, irritability, headaches, and constipation. Lead remains in the system and builds up as long as the child is exposed to such elements and ultimately has detrimental, cumulative effects. Taking regular clay baths can help kids who suffer from ADD and other hyperactivity disorders as it can bind to the toxic lead and safely remove it from the body. Many doctors and scientists are concerned about the increased levels of lead in children's bodies, and clay kids' bath are an easy, affordable and effective option.

Benefits of Kid Baths

There are a multitude of ways children can benefit from clay baths. Even if the child does not suffer from any of the above-mentioned disorders, they are regularly exposed to a laundry list of chemicals and toxins that can build up over time. The natural magnetic and detoxifying properties of clay can work to rid children of harmful elements that can lead to illness and malaise; the need for more corrective treatments later in life may be reduced by using clay baths at a young age. Parents should be mindful of the instructions listed for the clay baths they purchase; because of the possible existence of heavy metals within a child's body, the child might only need to be submerged in the bath from the waist down in order for it to work. There may also be time restrictions for the kids' baths, as they can remove a great deal of impurities and leave the child feeling tired afterwards. When directions are followed properly, the benefits of clay baths for children can often be noticed immediately.

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