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Polysaccharide Products


If you are looking for a quick cure for what ails you, you will not find it simply by taking polysaccharides. That is not to say they have no benefits, it is to say that looking for quick, miracle cures for what ails you will probably leave you disappointed. However, if you are seeking something to improve your overall health through the strengthening of your body's biological systems, then you may want to consider how polysaccharides and nutrition can work together.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular polysaccharide products currently on the market.


NOW's Polysaccharide Complex Powder

This polysaccharide product contains a proprietary blend of ingredients including the 8 essential sugars that make up the polysaccharide complex. It is designed to support, through intercellular communication, a strong functioning immune system. As a polysaccharide powder, it does contain a milk derivative; however, it does not contain wheat, preservatives, egg, gluten, starch or salt.


Country Life Real Food Organics Polysaccharide Complex

Country Life Real Food Organics are vegetarian capsules containing essential polysaccharides. This product is another proprietary blend of polysaccharides coupled with a unique form of organic Aloe Vera, ACTIValoe. ACTIValoe was designed to aid in the absorption of nutrients, most notably vitamins E and C, as well as promote overall digestive health.


Nutratose, Glyco-Nutrient Supplement

As with other polysaccharide products, Nutratose's polysaccharide supplement contains all 8 essential sugars to aid your immune system without side effects. It is an all-natural health supplement to provide support for your everyday diet that may be lacking essential nutrients. It comes in capsule form and can be taken with food or on an empty stomach.


NOW's Polysaccharide Complex

This polysaccharide product from NOW contains a complete polysaccharide complex as well as the trademarked ImmunEnhancer. The polysaccharide blend comes from natural ingredients including whole coffee fruit. ImmunEnhancer contains Arabinogalactan, which provides added support for your immune system. It comes in capsule form and can be taken 1 to 2 times daily, 2 capsules per serving. As with other NOW polysaccharide products, this polysaccharide complex is free of preservatives, starch and gluten.


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