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No2 and Polysaccharides

Understanding the proper dosing and timing instructions when taking any medication is critical. Polysaccharides supplements work best when balanced with all other medications and nutrition needs. Taking them without considering the holistic considerations of a lifestyle will not yield the best results. When taking No2 products, and starting or continuing an intensive exercise regiment, it is imperative to follow directions. You should also have a good understanding of exactly what you're putting into your body.


What is No2 and How Does it Function?

No2 utilizes the chemical compound of nitric oxide, a signaling molecule that has been studied for many years, and most recently has been shown to produce healthy effects in the body. Nitric oxide helps regulate brain activity, and has positives impact on other organs such as the lungs, liver and stomach. Additionally, nitric oxide leads to the release of the hormones gonadotroptin and adrenaline; and it improves blood flow.

However, the effects of nitric oxide in its natural state are short-term, and seem to follow muscle contractions and blood vessel dilation. The beneficial effects of nitric oxide remained a mystery for many years until the Medical Research Institute (founded by Ed Byrd) discovered that nitric oxide could be created and maintained inside the body by breaking down the amino acid Arginine.


Scientific Advances Led to Supplement Breakthrough

The scientific breakthrough came with the introduction of a muscle supplement called No2. This is an extended-release nitric oxide generator that helps to create and sustain levels of nitric oxide for performance enhancement. MRI accomplished this using pHylex9 delivery technology which can keep the beneficial and productive effects of nitric oxide for hours. Accelerated hemodilation allows the muscles of your body to harden and become engorged with blood. This leads to massive lean weight gain, improved vascularity and short recovery times. The pump sensation that bodybuilders thrive on can be lengthened considerably, even a full day after the product is first taken.


How Much No2 is Healthy?

You may be wondering, with such a potent supplement as No2 (or even stronger formulas such as No2 Black) how much of the product you should take on a daily or semi daily basis. It is very important that you follow directions for No2 products. Though these products have been tested by MRI for safety and are considered to be free of major side effects, there are still minor side effects and a small possibility that over dosage of the product could lead to health problems. Some minor symptoms associated with overdosing include diarrhea, nausea and weakness. To avoid these and other possible symptoms of overdose use No2 as directed.

The MRI website suggests that users should take four caplets of No2 if you weigh anywhere from 160 to 200 pounds. If you weigh over 200 pounds you can take five caplets. Take one dosage 30 minutes before breakfast and then another dosage 30 minutes before lunch. (There is no loading phase). It is not necessary that you take No2 before a meal, but you are advised to take the formula on an empty stomach.

For women using No2 who weight up to 125 pounds, two caplets should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast and then again 30 minutes before lunch, for women over 125 pounds three caplets are recommended in like fashion. As always, drink plenty of water when using No2 products, at least 64 ounces a day. Taken wisely, MRI No2 Tablets may be able to give you that extra advantage in developing your body to its fullest muscular potential.

You don't have to cycle off of a No2 product. But, be advised that for the maximum results, you must drink the recommended 64 ounces of water and take the full dosage of No2. While undertaking that the supplement is not harmful, the results will not be as dramatic if you under dose. MRI states that missing a dosage is not a major issue and you should simply continue according to schedule. (Double dosage is not recommended, however.)

Some users have attempted to take 10 caplets in the morning rather than take another dosage later. This is not officially endorsed by MRI, but is still more effective than continuing to miss your dosage. As with Polysaccharides, it is imperative to follow the directions above so you can see and feel the benefits, without the side effects. In addition, discussing any fitness and nutrition plan with a trained professional will insure the benefits of the supplement live up to the promise.

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