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Polysaccharides Cured Cancer

Can polysaccharides cure cancer? In 1895 the first attempt at using saccharides in a vaccine to cure tumors was attempted. William Coley a bone surgeon in New York developed the vaccine made with various saccharides and had considerable success in healing a seventeen year old boy with abdominal tumor and reduced it to a fifth of its size. Dr. Coley died in 1936 and his vaccine died with him. Radiation therapy, then regarded as a revolutionary idea seemed to be the ideal relief giver to cancer patients. Saccharides are the essential sugars of today. The side effects of radiation therapy suffered by patients has made medical science look at more elemental and natural ways of preventing the growth of cancer.

Glycobiology recognizes polysaccharides as facilitators and moderators of cell communication. Just as human communication is essential to the progress of defense strategies, proper cell communication is the basis of all biological defense and immunization strategies. An effective fight back is possible for the human being and the cell if proper orders are communicated. Tumors grow because of the deficient communication or the absence of communication between healthy cells. Researchers in 1994 found that polysaccharides affected the destruction of tumor cells and the rejuvenation of normal cells. This helped doctors to improve the quality of treatment given to cancer patients. The John Hopkins University Department of Biomedical Engineering is conducting research on matching the right sugar with the right chemical partner which they believe will work effectively against cancer. The search for the proper matching system is at its early stages. Glycobiology which surfaced as a major science only in the 1990s is too new and incomplete in the area of research to come through as the miracle cure of twenty first century diseases.

Since the byword of modern medicine is to educate and not medicate patients, doctors are not committing to the miraculous effects of polysaccharides in curing cancer. On January the 26th 2006, the American Cancer Society's Journal has stated that there is no reliable evidence to show that cancer is caused by deficiency in sugars. Rigorous study is still being conducted on the beneficial effects of polysaccharides in curing cancers. A few individuals have found that polysaccharide addition in their chemotherapy routines give them considerable relief.

Commercial glyconutrient supplement manufacturers; however, have made claims which doctors suspect are bogus. This is because, these claims are based on unpublished conference papers and little known medical journals. As of now, conventional medical care remains the only option for the cancer patient. When a patient becomes desperate it is natural that they turn to these supplements that purport to offer relief often at a high uninsured cost. You should carefully examine the small print on the supplement which will state that they cannot cure or prevent disease. While marketing the product, the manufacturers will state examples of the number of patients cured by polysaccharide supplements.

Polysaccharides may not be today's answer but hold tomorrow's promise for cancer patients. There may not be conclusive proof but the realm of possibility of polysaccharides in a vaccine like the vaccine of William Coley as a cancer cure or preventive cannot be completely ruled out.

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