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Leukemia and Polysaccharides

New studies are being conducted on leukemia and polysaccharides. These studies are trying to learn if using polysaccharides in addition to more traditional treatments are more successful in putting the cancer into remission than just the traditional treatments alone. The Cancer Center has long taught that good nutrition and vitamins and natural supplements work together to help at least put most cancers into remission, increasing the survivability of the disease. They have reported a great deal of success in this area.

But what are polysaccharides and what role can they have on our over all health? Polysaccharides are simple sugars found in organic fruits and vegetables. While we have long heard the argument about staying away from sugar, there has never been any kind of warnings regarding the essential sugars found in fruits and vegetables. Some scientists and doctors are starting to study the effects of these simple sugars on the human immune system. Polysaccharides are currently being tested on everything from ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) to HIV. And so far, according to many, the tests have been very positive.

While adding polysaccharides to the daily supplement routines might not be immediately effective, or even cost effective, for those with life-threatening illness, it just might be of great value. According to the studies, polysaccharides help boost the immune system and allow the body to actually heal itself naturally. But, we need to keep in mind, like any new science of technology, the cost is still high. Some experts are warning that this science is still too new to understand the final outcome of the initial studies. These warnings do not dampen the excitement about the potential of this new science.

Already, many cancer victims are finding relief from the effects of radiation treatment through polysaccharides. Leukemia victims are quickly discovering that by adding polysaccharides to their treatment is helping to cut down the amount of time they suffer from the aftereffects of radiation treatments. Even patients that have had bone marrow transplants have found that polysaccharides help shorten their recovery time and reduce the chances of infection. Infection following a bone marrow transplant is the number one cause of complications from the procedure for both the patient and the donor. By reducing this risk for both, the recovery rate is shortened and the body is able to heal itself, reducing the dependency on other drugs.

The connection between polysaccharides and leukemia is just beginning. This new field could save patients millions of dollars every year as well as strengthen the body's defenses. Some experts are predicting that by as early as 2010, as many as five billion people could be helped in some way by some form of this new glycoscience. For the millions of people diagnosed each year with leukemia, this is promising news, indeed. It also holds a great deal of hope and encouragement for the rest of the population as well. By strengthening the immune system before a serious illness sets in, the general population can maintain the hope of keeping good health and a normal activity level.

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