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Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Powdered Extract

Today Aloe Vera is grown pretty much everywhere in the world, both commercially and privately; still, most people have not heard of Aloe Vera whole leaf powdered extract. Aloe Vera is sold over the counter, recommended by some doctors and homegrown by many users. Not yet as common as aspirin, it is available almost anywhere that aspirin is, and claims to cure many more problems. Including some for which many people take aspirin.

There are several varieties of Aloe Vera. All of them look a lot like certain types of cactus from the southwestern United States, to which it may be very distantly related. It is stemless, or almost so, branching out in thick, pointed leaves. The leaves may have white spots, bumps, or thorns on them.

The name of the Aloe Vera plant comes from Latin. Aloe means plant and vera means true or truth. Thus, Aloe Vera means true plant. One can only speculate, but it would seem the term derives from the healing and preservative properties of the plant, which have been observed from ancient times.


Overview of Aloe Vera whole leaf powdered extract

Aloe Vera comes in two forms, gel and powder. The gel is applied topically to an affected area, or sometimes mixed with juice or water and taken internally - something that requires caution. You can get the gel two ways, raw and stabilized.

Raw gel means it comes directly from the plant. An example would be breaking off a leaf and smearing the sap over a sunburn. Stabilized means commercially prepared, such as is sold in stores. Both stabilization and storage of raw gel over time seem to weaken the properties of the Aloe Vera. One solution is powdered extract.

To get powdered Aloe Vera the leaves are dried and ground up. Although this may not be as strong as fresh Aloe Vera gel, it does not seem to break down as quickly. And it makes for very flexible usage. The powder can be mixed with juice or water and drank, or it can be mixed in medicines, lotions, makeup or any number of other products, making its use both simple and effective.


History of Aloe Vera whole leaf powdered extract

The use of the Aloe Vera plant by humans goes back not just centuries, but millennia. It was used both for medicine and beauty. Among its many proponents was Cleopatra, who apparently spread Aloe Vera gel over her entire body. She claimed it as the secret to her international beauty, because it made her look younger.

Aloe Vera does not grow naturally anywhere in the world. No one knows for certain exactly where it came from or how it came into use. Naturally occurring Aloe plants that have a similar makeup to Aloe Vera grow in South Africa, North Africa and the Middle East. The basic thinking is that Aloe Vera is a hybrid developed over time by combining many of these plants. That line of thought is supported by the fact that there are differing strains of Aloe Vera.

Believed to have developed in the Mediterranean area, the use of Aloe Vera as a medicine was first documented in Egypt in the 16th century, B.C., when it was mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus, the second oldest medical document. Its use is noted in other documents through the centuries. Ancient China, India, Japan, Greece and Rome all made use of it as a medicine. As noted, the use as makeup or a beauty aid also developed in ancient times.


Benefits of Aloe Vera whole leaf powdered extract

The benefits of Aloe Vera whole leaf powdered extract, when compared to Aloe Vera gel, are several. First, the extract is easier to store. It does not degrade as quickly. It is easier to mix with other chemicals, such as medicines, makeup, etc. Plus, it's easier to ship. When compared to over the counter preparations, there is virtually no bulk. Of course, there is also not the worry involved with shipping live plants.


Healthy Claims of Aloe Vera whole leaf powdered extract

The uses of Aloe Vera almost tax the imagination. Probably the most common is for burns, including sunburns. But that's not even the tip of the iceberg. Externally, it is also used for sores and cuts, insect bites and stings. These issues can be treated with gel or, in some cases, a paste made from the powder. But makeup and oral usage are where powdered Aloe Vera comes into its own.

There is reason to believe the ingestion of Aloe Vera lowers blood glucose levels, which aids in the treatment of diabetes. It has also been suggested that Aloe Vera may lower cholesterol and (as a gel) help treat ulcerative colitis. It also fights the germs that cause strep throat and shigellosis, athlete's foot, jock itch and nail fungus.

Not limited to humans, Aloe Vera is thought to fight cancer in both dogs and cats. It also has a number of uses in the equine world.

Powdered Aloe Vera is used in many makeups and beauty aids. The same properties that Cleopatra found appealing are available to the modern woman. Aloe Vera laced products seem to help slow signs of aging, reduce wrinkles and help the skin remain supple.


Recommended Daily Allowance of Aloe Vera whole leaf powdered extract

Aloe Vera is not a medicine, as such, and there is not a set recommended daily allowance. Topical application appears to be safe as needed. No prescription is required for ingestion of Aloe Vera, but, especially when taken as a gel, intake should be limited as large doses over long periods can cause diarrhea, as well as a number of more serious problems. Whatever form you take it in, ingested Aloe Vera should be taken only as directed on the packaging.


Summary of Aloe Vera whole leaf powdered extract

Aloe Vera and other polysaccharides are not medicine in the strictest definition of the term. The medical community is not really so much divided about Aloe Vera as reserved. To satisfy all of them there simply needs to be more research. Anecdotal evidence, however, is strongly positive.

That having been said, there is general agreement that Aloe Vera positively affects a number of human issues, internal and external. In fact, in some situations, doctors actively recommend it. The development of Aloe Vera powder provides advantages in storage, mixing and longevity that make it easier to keep, ship and use, with no real difference in the product or its results.

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