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Overview of Fucose

There are two forms of Fucose, the L form, which is the common form of the sugar and the D form, which is a synthetic made from galactose. Many mistake Fucose for Fructose, the monosaccharide most commonly found in honey and fruit. Studies are showing that Fucose significantly aids the treatment of several conditions and diseases.

Fucose is quickly absorbed by the small intestines and made into glycoproteins, which help the metabolism function. What isn't absorbed by the small intestines is absorbed by the common "friendly" intestinal bacteria in your body.

Where is Fucose found in the body? There are four different areas of the body where Fucose is found. One is at the junctions of nerves, which could suggest that a deficiency could potentially cause your nerves to stop talking to the brain. The second is found in the kidney, making Fucose essential for normal kidney function. It is also found in the testes. This shows that Fucose is vital for human reproduction. The fourth area of the body where Fucose is found is in the outer layer of skin. This shows that it plays a vital role in skin hydration. Clearly, this substance is vital to healthy functioning of the body.


History of Fucose

Fucose has had a relatively short history behind it. Science has just recently figured out that Fucose is one of the essential sugars that the body needs to function properly. Studies on Fucose are very promising and show benefits as an immune modulator, an anti-inflammatory agent, and as a neuron transmitter. Recent studies also show that Fucose can play a pivotal role in the reduction of tumor size in cancer patients. It also has the ability to kill cancer cells.


Benefits of Fucose

Fucose is a beneficial immune modulator. Studies are showing that the benefits of Fucose in the body may help to suppress overactive immune systems or auto immune disorders. Essentially, it helps to normalize the immune system and help it run efficiently. In addition to this, Fucose has the ability to kill bacteria and help the body strengthen itself against infections. Fucose helps the cells in the body deflect bacteria so that infection can be fought off more efficiently.

Fucose is also showing promise as an anti-inflammatory agent and can help alleviate symptoms for those who suffer from allergic skin reactions. More research shows a connection to brain activity which presents many exciting possibilities. That's because fucose is also showing promising signs of neuron transmission in the brain, which ultimately helps the brain communicate with itself and your body more efficiently. Based on this evidence, scientists are investigating the possible ways in which Fucose helps those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. This is just one possibility, and further research may reveal more.


Healthy Claims of Fucose

Research is beginning to show just how beneficial Fucose can be for the body. It's beginning to play a significant role in the hunt for the cure of various diseases. In fact, studies being conducted right now show that Fucose can possibly help kill cancer cells. Nothing is conclusive yet, but Fucose has the potential to reverse leukemia and breast cancer by suppressing tumor growth.

Studies also show that levels of Fucose are low in those with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Research shows that supplementing the body with the Fucose it lacks can help to effectively treat this painful and limiting disease. In fact, when the supplements were taken away from the body (of patients in tests) Rheumatoid Arthritis advanced more rapidly than it did during the period of supplementation.

In fact, studies are also showing that Fucose levels are lower in those with these health problems: diabetes, cystic fibrosis, liver disorders, and shingles. Fucose is also showing promise in deflecting the herpes virus from the body.

One reason that this substance seems to affect so many different symptoms and diseases is because of its versatility in its delivery. Fucose can be administered directly to the part of the body that needs it the most. For example, it can be administered directly to the skin for help with psoriasis. Or, it can be incorporated into the retina in order to help with the rod function of the eye.


Recommended Daily Allowance of Fucose

Fucose is shown to have very little ill effect on humans when taken in extremely high doses. But, in order to maximize treatment, an average 150 pound adult can consume 34 grams daily of Fucose safely. Fucose is eliminated from the body during urination, so maximum levels of Fucose in the blood can be expected up to an hour after being taken. It's eliminated from the body anywhere from 8 to 12 hours later. Because of this, Fucose should be taken twice daily in order to ensure that the body constantly has the right levels of Fucose in it at all times.

Fucose can be taken as a supplement or found readily in seaweeds like kelp as well as in medicinal mushrooms and beer yeast. It may be difficult for many people to incorporate these dietary sources on a daily basis, and that is when the supplemental forms are recommended.


Summary of Fucose

To recap, Fucose is a monosaccharide that is considered to be one of the essential sugars, or polysaccharides, that the body needs to function properly. It is a relatively new phenomenon that is being studied in order to help such diseases as Alzheimer's. Fucose is located in the nerves of the body, the kidneys, the testes, and the outer layer of the skin. But, new studies are showing that Fucose can be administered to the body wherever a deficiency resides. In fact, many people with diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, etc. have a massive Fucose deficiency in the body. As research continues on Fucose, the scientific community is starting to notice a trend. Fucose can help inhibit the growth of tumors as well as kill cancer cells in the body.

Despite the fact that studies on Fucose have really only just began, the scientific community has made some startling breakthroughs that indicate promising possibilities for a number of disease sufferers.

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