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Ghatti Gum Powder

Many of the supplements on the market today, like ghatti gum powder, were used by ancient cultures regularly for medicinal purposes. The highly skeptical scientific nature of today's western medical community often prevents many traditional herbs and medicines from being recommended. Not that the careful evaluation of these products is bad; it's necessary on many levels.

However, the time needed for research and acceptance is often frustrating to people in need of a solution to their problems. Ghatti gum powder, like most other natural remedies, may not be fully recognized by the traditional western medical community, but it is used widely in alternative medicine to treat a variety of health problems and conditions.


Overview of Ghatti Gum Powder

Ghatti gum powder comes from the guar plant. It is one of many gum substances that come from this plant. The guar plant is mainly grown in India and Pakistan from July to December. It is also grown in smaller amounts in Australia, China, the United States and Africa. The availability and harvest is a direct result of the monsoon season. While the plant needs a hardy amount of rain to grow, too much will flood it out.

Ghatti gum powder is a white to yellow color with no odor. It dissolves easily in water and becomes a slimy substance. It is a common ingredient in polysaccharide supplements. Polysaccharides are used to provide the 8 essential sugars needed by the body for cell communication.


History of Ghatti Gum Powder

Ghatti gum powder is one of the oldest and best known natural gum substances. The use of ghatti gum powder dates back to the ancient Egyptians. They used ghatti gum powder as a binder in ink and cosmetics. They also used it in the process of mummification. Europe was introduced to it through the Arabians. It then began to spread around the world due to the discovery of its beneficial affects on health.


Benefits of Ghatti Gum Powder

The benefits of ghatti gum powder are both industrial and medicinal. It is a common additive in food and serves as a thickening agent and a preservative. It is used to thicken foods because it only takes a very small amount to produce the thickening power needed. In fact, it is 8 times more effective than corn starch, which is another popular food thickening agent.

Medicinally, it has antioxidant, gastro protective and antibacterial properties.

It also works as a lubricant in the body and as a healing and soothing agent. Recently, this substance has also shown promise as an appetite suppressant.


Healthy Claims of Ghatti Gum Powder

Ghatti gum powder has been used as a treatment method and aid for various health conditions. It has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, to accelerate the healing of wounds, and to build and strengthen the immune system. It also is given to chemotherapy patients to help prevent or lessen the side effects of treatment.

Ghatti gum powder has been found to help reduce and slow down the signs of aging. It also is being studied for use as a weight loss supplement. This substance also helps to prevent the absorption of sugars in the intestine and has been used to help treat diabetes.

Ghatti gum powder is most often taken as a polysaccharide. Polysaccharides are beneficial to the body as they help to provide the 8 needed essential sugars. polysaccharides have many benefits, such as stimulating the immune system and helping to reduce affects of various neurological diseases and autoimmune diseases.


Recommended Daily Allowance of Ghatti Gum Powder

Ghatti gum powder is a natural substance and as such is not regulated by the FDA. However, its use in food products has warranted some recommendations about dosage, and it has undergone testing to ensure it is safe for human consumption. Usually ghatti gum powder is not sold alone, but rather as an ingredient in polysaccharides. When taken this way it should be taken following the directions on the packaging, usually one to two capsules per day.

There have been no major side effects or drug interactions reported from ghatti gum powder. However, an excessive use of ghatti gum powder has been shown to have a laxative effect. It is recommended that patients discuss using ghatti gum powder as a treatment for a health condition before they start using it so proper monitoring can be done to ensure it's effectiveness.


Summary of Ghatti Gum Powder

As with all polysaccharides, Ghatti gum powder has many benefits in the treatment of various medical conditions. It is routinely included in polysaccharide supplements, which are used to help aid in cell communication. The benefits of ghatti gum powder to assist the body in healing and repair make it an ideal addition to a daily vitamin and supplement regimen. The limited risks associated with this substance indicate that it is safe for most people to take. As an ingredient, ghatti gum powder seems to have a lot of benefits for many groups of people.

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