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Polysaccharide Wiki


In your search for information regarding the science of polysaccharides, you will inevitably come across the polysaccharide wiki page. The page will not give you much information regarding the ingredients, usage, benefits and side effects of polysaccharides, but it will offer you information about the history of the polysaccharide debate.

Here is a quick overview of the polysaccharide wiki page and its focus on the controversy over polysaccharides.


Glyconutrients Wiki: Mannatech, Incorporated and Glyconutrients

Glyconutrients are the leading product for Mannatech, Incorporated, a multi-international company that is headquartered in Coppell, Texas. Mannatech currently offers 38 products that focus on various health issues. The company was founded in 1994. Beginning in 1996, Mannatech began the research and development of glyconutrients, eventually placing on the market the product Ambrotrose. From this one product, many other glyconutrients products have sprung and from multiple suppliers.

In the years since the inception of supplements containing the 8 essential sugars now known as glyconutrients, there have been many studies with different aims. Some of which have been requested and funded by Mannatech or those associated with Mannatech, while others have been conducted independently. One reason for the great controversy surrounding glyconutrients in the past few years has been the differences in the results in many of these studies.


Glyconutrient Wiki: Research Studies

Studies and opinions from independent sources have varied; some have offered evidence of benefits from taking glyconutrient supplements, while others have not. The independent studies that differ from the Mannatech inspired studies have gotten the most publicity.

According to polysaccharide wiki, 20/20 did a show focusing on this controversy with mixed reviews. The negatives, according to the skeptics of polysaccharides and Mannatech, are that polysaccharides are not absorbed by the body and thus provide no nutritional benefits. Others say the supplements are not necessary because, even though your body may not get all 8 essential sugars with a regular diet, it can make the sugars it does not get from the simple sugars that you do ingest.

Probably the most important thing to take away from the controversy is that there is still much more to learn about polysaccharides.


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