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Polysaccharides Long Term Effects

It is too soon to talk about the long term effects of polysaccharides. Their importance as possible medical miracles came to the forefront with the discovery of protein cell signaling. This pioneering discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1999. Scientists, researchers and patients of many autoimmune terminal diseases are pinning their hopes on the success of glycobiological research. A positive long term study of the effects of polysaccharides helping resistance to disease would revolutionize conventional medical methods. The study of polysaccharides as an incomparable resistance giver to the body is still in its infant stage.

One of the main polysaccharides (glucose) is well known and marketed for energy. The eight elementary glyconutirients combined the bodies cells convey messages to each other giving the body the extra energy it needs to immunize itself in an effort to prevent many chronic and grave ailments. Till research shows results, including polysaccharides in your diet is an excellent practice for long term good health. Side effects are minimum or non existent in natural foods. Vegetables and fruits that are grown and ripened organically and consumed the same day are the best sources of polysaccharides. There are conflicting opinions as to whether polysaccharides will be effective for patients with chronic fatigue and autoimmune diseases like lupus and HIV. Polysaccharides are also being touted as a allergy aid as well.

Polysaccharide supplements come in capsule form and in the form of energy drinks called glyconutritionals. It is important to check with the doctor before using these supplements. Diabetics and pregnant women could have aggravated symptoms in response to polysaccharides. Polysaccharides as a future health miracle is still under debate. Researchers are experimenting and verifying their actual effect on the human body. Convincing research papers and surveys on the long terms effects of fortification of the immune system by polysaccharides are still not available. It is believed that these food based nutrients are not likely to have side effects. Scientists are yet to establish any allergic reaction or other side effect that polysaccharides may have on the body.

If you are prepared to forgo quick fix methods and yet reap the long term benefits of polysaccharides a nourishing diet including naturally occurring polysaccharides are the answer. Research has shown that the possibility of polysaccharides revitalizing and rebuilding cells is possible. Glycobiology is at present the premise on which thorough research is being conducted. The science is still too new to determine long term effects on polysaccharides.

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