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Science of Polysaccharides

As a leader in the nutritional and nutraceutical industry, our formulas introduce cutting-edge technology in 5 key areas or sciences that the body requires for optimal health and longevity. These sciences include the immune system; the endocrine system; the protector nutrients such as phytochemicals and antioxidants; the complete balanced vitamin; and the cleansing system. This "systems" approach to health embraces the concept of strengthening the "terrain" of the body, so that the body can properly regulate itself. This is in contrast to a medical or symptom-cure model of health. When the 5 Sciences of our polysaccharides are taken together, their combined synergistic effect creates a symphony of health and protection. The most important nutrient a person needs is the one that is missing. GlyconutritionForLife's polysaccharides ensure that you are giving your body the complete spectrum of nutrients required; whether you are looking for disease prevention or recovery from poor health or longevity.

In Summary

New cells in the body are being created daily. A regular program of the 5 Sciences assures the healthy development and growth of new cells and protects the body against the relentless attack from stress, trauma, toxins; and the toll of nutritional deficiencies.

GlyconutritionForLife's dietary supplements are made from natural foods. They work harmoniously with prescription drugs and are not intended to take the place of needed medical treatment. Because the products are derived from foods, they would not require a doctor's prescription. Our products are completely assayed, which certifies that the products contain what the label says they do, in the strength that is listed, are uniform in each capsule and batch, and have the effect that is claimed. The ingredients come from natural sources and are grown free of chemicals.

*Note: Glycobiology and the application of polysaccharides are at the forefront of medicine and nutritional science with thousands of studies and articles having been published in the last few years. Science magazine (Marchl 23, 2001), Harper's Biochemistry 24th edition, Sugars that Heal, and The New Healing Science of polysaccharides by Dr. Emil Mondoa, are a few of the places one can access information on this exciting new field.

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