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The Healing Power of Polysaccharides

Polysaccharides, which are often eliminated from our diets because we prefer processed foods rather than fresh foods, are contained in many different kinds of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as supplements. The healing power of polysaccharides has been researched extensively over the last few years. Many of these simple sugars have been found to possess immunity boosters, tissue regeneration properties, anti-inflammatory agents, and even tumor elimination agents.

Research has shown that patients with chronic illnesses often have significantly lowered polysaccharide levels than those with healthy bodies and immune systems. This evidence alone suggests that polysaccharides supply us with more than the simple monosaccharides our bodies need to function on a daily basis; they show us that they are vital in our bodies to maintain a disease-free and healthy existence.


Anti-Inflammatory Qualities in Polysaccharides

The most important polysaccharides (all are important, but some more so than others) are those that promote cell-to-cell communication in your body. Mannose is the foundation for all the essential sugars and the fundamental foundation for all cellular interaction. If mannose levels are low in your body, it can lead to a host of different physical problems. However, the introduction of more mannose to your system can have a profound impact on your body. Mannose has the potential for tissue regeneration as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has appeared in research to play an active part in the activation of macrophages, which help clean up the debris in your body which causes the inflammation. Mannose also stimulates tissue regeneration by helping your body to make more collagen and proteoglycans, which speeds up the healing process and returns your skin to its original state at a faster rate.

Galactose is another polysaccharide with the ability to act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Galactose doesn't promote tissue regeneration like mannose, but works as a sub-agent with mannose to help speed up the healing process. Galactose also helps prevent and treat Lupus and adult and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


Immunity Boosters and Tumor Elimination

Most polysaccharides promote a healthy immune system with galactose, mannose, and fucose working together to fight and prevent disease. If you already have a disease or some cancers, these polysaccharides have been proven to help eliminate tumors all together. Mannose combined with glucosamine (its formal name is N - Acetylglucosamine) in the drinking water of laboratory rats has shown significant evidence of a heightened survival rate and a lower tumor growth rate in the rats. Studies have also shown, however, that the combination of mannose and fucose together is most effective at slowing the growth of cancer cells.

All of the polysaccharides contain some kind of healing power on the body, whether it is by itself or combined with another, but the most common reactions of polysaccharides in a human body is to act as immunity boosters, anti-inflammatory agents, and the elimination of cancer cells. It can be hard to comprehend that these simple carbohydrates and sugars can do so much to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially when the scientific community has always asserted that carbs and sugars are bad; but when faced with so much evidence and research, how can we not? We're continually looking for the cures for the common cold, cancer, and various other diseases but many neglect to see that the cure might be in the intake of polysaccharides. Yes, they are that important.

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