How To Use Handheld Ultrasound Scanners

Introduction: Ultrasound technology is increasing at a brisk pace in the past few years, though the procedure to run scan of patients internal organs have remained the same. However, the machine has switched from its bulk size to lightweight occupying little or no space in the hospital or clinic.

The handheld ultrasound scanners available in the market today are saving the space, time and money and letting physicians to travel to the patients place and run the tests. These devices are making the diagnosis process extremely efficient. The handheld device fits in the size of the palm and allows the physician to conduct the tests in a matter of few minutes and produce high quality images. The doctors can review the images and check the medical condition of the patient. Once the medical condition of the patient is know, they would give immediate treatment to cure the disease. The best part of this ultrasound scanner is that, you can run this with the help of a battery.

This scanner is used to scan musculoskeletal like disorder of shoulders, detect abdominal activity, assess the bladder volume and detect swelling.  This device produces images with just a touch of the button. The device will allow you to view the internal organs of patients quickly and without incision on their body. All you need to do is to connect the device through the software to the smart phone that is compatible with iPhone or Android Operating system and start the scanning process. Once the images are scanned and viewed on the mobile screen, you can transfer the data to the flash drive. The set up process takes just 10 minutes. You can scan the patient and confirm precise diagnosis. This consumes very less power without losing the resolution of images. This scanners uses high frequency sound to display the images of the internal organs on the screen. This helps doctors to learn about the blood vessels, pelvic organs, muscles and tendons. You can check this site out for best scanners.

Procedure to use Handheld Ultrasound scanner

If you have pain in your abdomen, you need to lie down on the bed. The sonographer or the healthcare professional will spread gel on the skin to have perfect contact between the body and the ultrasound probe. They will be placing the probe that is connected to the handheld machine on the skin that is above the tissue or the specific area of the body where you have pain. You can see the two-dimensional pictures on the monitor clearly.

Conclusion: You need to use handheld ultrasound scanner carefully to scan the pelvic organs and vascular systems and check the fetal development in the pregnant women. This just fits in the size of your hand and can be carried anywhere to run tests.


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