Northern Lights Cruise Packing Tips

To coincide with this Enjoyable time of Year, there is an assortment of Northern Lights cruises to suit various budgets that take travelers on a thrilling holiday across the spectacular Norwegian coastline. Becoming out at sea, away from any light pollution of cities and cities, there is not anything to interrupt the brilliance of those Northern Lights. In case you have not traveled to the portion of earth before, it can be tough to understand what to carry with you. One thing is for sure. However, winter Norway is COLD! Take good care of those cruise packing suggestions to make sure that nothing spoils your experience of this Northern Light.

Thermal Clothing

It’s the clearest of our cruise packing tips, but you can’t take enough warm clothing with you. If the Northern Lights don’t appear during your time onboard, the ideal location to see them is by the outside deck, and you’ll need to make sure that you’re wrapped up hot so you can fully enjoy the display.For more views on holiday lights cruise.

Hand Warmers

These super reusable pads Can Be Bought From most outdoor shops for a minimal price, yet when your hands begin to feel chilly, you’ll realize they’re essential. Emitting warmth for around an hour, the pads may be recharged time and time again by immersing them in boiling water.


Another evident item within our cruise packaging Hints, as no doubt you are going to want to capture the beauty of the Aurora to remind you of your extraordinary experience. On the other hand, the Northern Lights are notoriously tough to photograph, so make sure to invest in a good camera, so a tripod to make sure you keep your camera steady, and obviously, some spare batteries.


Throughout your time at sea, the magnificent Norwegian coastline will often come into perspective. Get a good look at the snow-capped mountains, the gaping fjords, and the fascinating wildlife, which occupies the shores.

Snow boots

As part of our cruise packing tips, we additionally advise that you invest in a decent pair of snow boots to take with you. If you embark on Northern Lights cruises, you will probably encounter snow when you go ashore. Fur-topped boots are best since the storm only brushes off, and your feet stay dry.


The onboard centers are excellent on Norwegian cruise ships. In Addition to a selection of restaurants, bars, a library, The Saunas would be the ideal escape after a day spent in the cold outdoors, so don’t forget to pack your bathing suit on these Northern Lights holidays.

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