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Good health starts at the cellular level. Our glyconutrient bulk powder formula contains the highest levels of simple sugars your body needs and can't produce on its own naturally. Our formula is rich in aloe based saccharides derived from fucose Undaria. We accept nothing but the highest levels of ingredients for our glyco formulation. There are no additives or fillers added. You are receiving 100% pure glyco ingredients in the best balance of the 'eight' simple sugars. Our formula does not contain Rice Starch and we have added cinnamon and sweetened it with Stevia to improve it taste.

Mannatech Prices for Advanced Ambrotose:

75 gram jar = $76.18 Retail, $72.75 Member Price.
110 gram jar = $142.00 Retail, $121.00 Member Price.

Compare Our Prices: 110g jar (46% more product than the 75g Ambrotose) = $60.00 each. This cost is for 1-2 jars. 3 or more jars are $55.00.

To receive the equivalent therapeutic ingredient by weight of Ambrotose glyconutrients would cost you approximately 2 times as much as the Optimal Cell Support glyconutrients.

List Price:$69.50

Sale Price:

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