Tricky Issue of Duplicate Content & What Google Says About It

Being a Fulltime online marketer Signifies you Need to maintain a close eye on the way Google is rank pages online… one quite considerable issue is the entire problem of duplicate content. What’s more, how can having duplicate content on your site and about other people’s websites, impact your keyword positions in Google and the other search engines?

Now, lately it Appears that Google is far More open about precisely how it ranks articles. I say”appears” as with Google you can find years and decades of mistrust in regards to the way they treat webmasters and content. Google’s entire”do as I say” attitude leaves a sour taste in many sellers’ mouths. Up to now, that most have experienced more than a lot of Google’s mindset and dismiss exactly what Google and their pundits state entirely.

Mainly because, Irrespective of if you Enjoy or hate Google, there is no denying that they are King of internet search and you have to play with their rules or make a good deal of serious online earnings on the desk. Now, because of my important keyword content/pages a reduction of only a couple of areas in the ranks can mean that I lose countless dollars daily commissions, therefore anything impacting my ranks clearly get my instant attention.

So the complete tricky problem of replicate Content has caused me a while and I’ve created a continuing mental note for myself to figure out what I could about it. I’m mainly concerned about my articles being rated lower since the search engines think that it is replicate articles and penalizes it.

My scenario is compounded with the reality that I’m heavily into post marketing – exactly the very same posts are featured on countless, some times tens of thousands of websites throughout the internet. Obviously, I’m worried these posts will dilute or reduce my positions instead of reach their intended goal of getting high ranks.

I try to change the anchor text/keyword Connection From the source boxes of those posts. I really don’t use the Identical keyword phrase Over and above, since I am almost 99% confident Google includes a”keyword Utilize” quota – repeat the exact same keyword phrase too frequently and your tremendously Connected content is going to be reduced about 50 or 60 locations, essentially taking out it Of those scraping google search results.

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