Advanced Immune Support Formula

Daily Glyconutrient Supplement

100% vegetarian based formula derived entirely from plants & seaweeds. Combines aloe based saccharides with fucose-rich Undaria pinnatifida. This product is Gluten Free; and contains arabinogalactan. Arabinogalactan has shown some immune-enhancing activity in the laboratory, particularly with regard to the stimulation of human natural killer cell cytotoxicity.

The Advanced Immune Support Forrmula provides the highest standards for a glyconutrient product that is specifically designed to enhance cellular communication. True wellness begins at the cellular level.

Product is available in powdered sealed capsules or in bulk powder.

Bulk Powder Recommended Use

One scoop twice daily mixed with your favorite juice, tea, or water. In trials, the glyconutrient powder has been proven to be safe, & non-toxic, with no known side effects (up to at least 60 scoops per day).

  • 112 servings per 75 gram container.
  • 224 servings per 150 gram container.

Capsule Recommended Use

Two capsules twice daily on an empty or full stomach taken with a full glass of water. In trials, Glyconutrient capsules have been proven to be safe, & non-toxic, with no known side effects. (up to 20 capsules per day). @ 30 servings per 120 count bottle.

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