All About Green Drinks

Everything You Should Know About Green Drinks


We know, it’s cool to strut around flaunting your shake bottle filled with healthy, green slush. This is the new hip among health-freaks right now. But aside from making style statements, green drinks can change your wellbeing and lifestyle at large. Let’s find out everything about them- from benefits to how-to-buy guide.


Benefits of green drinks:


Reduces weight


Green drinks effect on reducing body mass is phenomenal. If you ask about 95 out of 100 customers on- for what reason they utilize green drink, they would show reducing inches as the number one.  Do you know that a quality green drink can be an excellent substitute of carbs (regardless of whether you are having pasta, rice or bread)? The fiber element in health drink can quicken the development of bodily waste-thus leading to regular bowel movement.


Even if you have diabetes type-2, you may likewise consume your daily quota of green drink. This healthy fluid has minimal glycemic index, which prevents sudden surges of sugar.  So when your weight is shooting up and still you are not sure about using those weight loss supplements, go for a quality green drink without any more dilly-dallying.


Full of anti-oxidants


Regardless of whether it is wheat grass or kale, the green extract should be full of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants slow down aging process prevent cancer by pulverizing free radicals and fortify your immunity.


Do you know that when you select energy green drink that has dark, leafy vegetable extracts, it can cure the blood-coagulating problem? Dark veggies have Vitamin K, which can turn around your osteoporosis problem as well.


The phyto chemicals as well as chlorophyll present in anti-oxidants accelerate your cardiac wellbeing and slow down the aging process. In case you are low on vitality all the time, look for Vitamin-B sources (like bok choy) your drink. This vitamin breaks nourishment into energy, making your active throughout the tasks.




Detoxification of body is required at the end of those heavy party sessions. Whether you are over indulging yourself with meat or alcohol, it may lead to inflammation. Having 1-or-2 glasses of green drink every day replenishes your body with more red cells carrying pure oxygen. For sound body and brain – red cell production is a must.  The Chlorophyll present in green drink keeps up alkaline PH balance and it can dispose off the toxic waste your body has accumulated over time.




Morning boost


The morning coffee or tea rush can give you that extra kick to toil through the day. But can you drink it without sugar? If not, then off goes your weight loss regimen. Why not begin the morning with a tall glass of green drink? It will surely give you the boost you need, to go to the office, doing household chores or lifting weight- without consuming unhealthy stimulants.


Controls appetite


Controlling appetite is part of weight loss process. But doing it through green drink ensures that your body is not deprived of essential protein, minerals and vitamins. The best way to do it is -combining your green juice with healthy meal. How about some grilled lean chicken and a glass of barley grass powder shake as lunch?


Or munch on roasted chia seeds and sip into leafy green powder drink for afternoon nibble. Along these lines, your body won’t be able to store the carb as unhealthy fat. Rather the carbohydrate will be broken down into energy molecules.


Have minerals


Potassium, calcium and magnesium are three primary minerals that are essential for your body on a regular basis. In a quality green drink with tones of green extracts, you are supposed to find all of them.


Before buying a green drink, do check out whether the ingredients’ list includes – spinach, lettuce, collard greens or bokchoy. These are all primary sources of essential electrolytes (minerals) that provide your body cells with nutrients and flushes out waste as well.


Another USP of including green drink in your life-style is that- these minerals are all low on sodium that on the contrary, can be found in abundance in fast foods.




Suitable for fast lifestyle


In this fast world, the professionals have very little time to eat right. When is the last time have you followed a balanced diet adjusting your packed work schedule? Green drink substitutes that bowl of salad or fruits you didn’t get time to munch on for the ages. Most of the green drinks come into powder form.


Purchase one that you like, scoop it out as per recommendation and mix it in milk, water or soymilk. For go-getters as well, prepare the drink, pour it into a water bottle or carrier and you are ready to go for that weekend trip or hiking.  This easy inclusivity of green drink in your day-to-day life is what makes it super popular.


Treats cancer in early stage


One of the most understated property of a green drink is that- it must contain cruciferous veggies. These veggies have carotenoids that nip the tumor cell growth at the bud, reduces inflammation and plausibility of four types of cancer- breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer as well.


Do you know which vegetables fall into the cruciferous category? It’s Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and bokchoy to name a few.


You can customize it


The best part of having green drink in your life is that- you can customize the taste as per your wish. Put honey or stevia to enhance the sweetness quotient of the drink, if you find it too bland. You can also throw coconut flakes; crushed mint leaves to bring out the tropical flavor of your green fluid.


Toss crushed almonds, ice or freshly chopped strawberries into the shake to make it yummiest.  Looking for some more ideas? How about including sliced frozen banana and peeled dates into the drink? You have plenty of options to lend a personalized taste to your drink.



What to look for before buying


The above points show you the benefits of including green drinks in your every-day diet. But apart from that, you need to know how to pick up the ideal green drink in the market.  Let’s discover the deciding factors to mull over, before head towards the market to shop for the green drink powder-





Do you know the blander your green drink tastes; the better it would be for your health? When you are purchasing a green drink powder in the market, first ensure that it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners in its ingredients.


There are many companies who, for the sake of luring the customers, put non-organic sweetening elements in the drink to make it more palatable for the health enthusiasts.


Similarly, green drink comes in powder form for most of the companies.  An organic product should be liquid in its texture. When companies put artificial thickeners in it, then the shake will have a mouthful texture. Stay away from them. Best would be- before buying your green drink, do request for a sample sachet to test from the sales rep.





How your green product has been manufactured? Were the green extracts freeze-dried after dipping them into water-soluble powders? Or were they processed via heat and light and lost maximum of its nutrients in the process? Check out the label meticulously to gauge out the processing part of the product.


You have all the right to ask the sales rep about the how the green powder is produced. In case you are not satisfied by the answer, shoot up a mail to the company id.


If your green powder has Marine Phytoplankton as one of the ingredients, then ensure that in the time of production, whether it’s cells were obliterated to scoop out the supplements inside. If yes, then move on to the next product.



Market review


Market review is a sound exercise in deciding which product is the best for your body. Take help of social media to read through the reviews of other customers, who are into green drinks. This will give you a fair idea about which ones are ruling the market right now.


Join various online health-geeks’ forums and put up your questions there. If you have any ailment like Diabetes type-2, then also check out what other diabetic patients are using in the green drinks category.


Veggies vs. juice extracts


Green drink can stem from two manufacturing processes.  There is a set of labels that first freeze-dry the whole veggies and then powdered it via water-soluble processing. Other set of manufacturers first extract the juice from the veggies and let is pass through the similar steps of freezing and powderization.


There is no clear division between the benefits of these two sets of drinks. According to some experts’ opinions, juice –based drinks are healthier, but there is no scientific data to back up that claim so far.  So purchase the product what you common sense guides you to buy.







There are multiple categories of green drinks. Some companies manufacture powders that contain probiotics, enzymes, along with super green extracts. The high-end products add protein into the rundown as well.


So before you go hunting down the ideal green powder for yourself, learn about the important ingredients that you might expect in the packet. When you further breakdown the green extracts in every label, it might be divided into three parts-


  1. Green veggies
  2. Grasses
  3. Algae


The first category should contain the popular names such carrots, broccoli, spinach, kale and others. Grasses can be wheatgrass powder, Barley grass or alfalfa. Spiruliana is most famous algae that are used extensively in various super green drink products. Others are chlorella and dulce.




Cost comparison


Cost comparison of your green drink is an important factor that one can’t overlook. Even if you are weak in calculation, still you should give it a try. While buying a green drink powder packet, always check out the cost per servings first. When you are inside a super-market, take out 3-4 products and do simple arithmetic comparisons of green drink powders’’ serving-cost.


Additionally keep note that the green drink powder, which you are lusting for a long time by looking at it’s promising ads only, must contain as many ingredients as possible. It should also mention the amount of each ingredient next to its name.


Lumping them all together into the broad ingredients category and showing only the total gram of lump sum weight calls for fishy advertisement from the brand’s part.



Green drink powder recipes


All said and done, sipping into green drink can be tasteless for many beginners. For them, there has to have alternative ways to include this nutritious powder into regular lifestyle. Why not taking the innovative recipes to ensure, that your body is getting its daily nourishments from powder?


Mix it in breakfast


A steaming bowl of quinoa would taste just as good, if you put one scoop of green powder into it. For added flavor and taste, drizzle honey and chopped almonds over it. In similar fashion, tossing spoonful of green powder into your pancake batter will make your morning breakfast healthier.


Do it in lunch/dinner


Are you planning to make hummus from scratch? Then don’t forget to mix green powder from the hummus batter to give it extra protein and nutritional punch. Also, mixing it with your cold soup may lend health benefits in every spoonful. You can include this powder while making party dips as well as pasta sauce.


Make desserts


There are plenty of recipes in the Internet to make mousse, toffees and truffle cakes with green powder. You can innovate, tweak and do it as per your fancy as well. In every bite, the result would be pleasing in taste and full of natural goodies.




Green drinks are like magic potions. They have all the essentials your body needs. Preparing the drinks is also fuss-free.  The above article only highlights the nitty-gritty about green drinks that many beginners don’t know. Now do the legwork to bag the ideal green juice for your health wellbeing.


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