Top 3 Reasons Why Older Air Conditioners Fail

Is your house air conditioner getting a bit older? Does it Take more time to get going and moan each now and then?

It may be the time to Begin Searching for a replacement, however Using a tiny bit of maintenance, you can find a few seasons more from this air conditioner.

Leading reasons why air conditioners fail:

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  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Electric Control Failure

Refrigerant Leaks

As time passes the level of coolant on your air conditioner fall. The seals and joints in the lymphatic system are subject to vibration, temperature fluctuations, along with additional environmental damage. When you have a leak, simply adding more osmosis won’t address the issue.

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If your air conditioner’s coolant levels are low, touch a Trained technician to test the system and repair any leaks. As soon as your cooling system is leak free, the tech will recharge the machine with the precise level of coolant require.







Keep in Mind, the maker has made your air conditioner To operate with a particular level of coolant. If the system is overcharged or undercharged, then it won’t work at peak efficiency and it’ll waste energy and cost you more money.

Poor Maintenance

Air conditioners work by distributing heat throughout the cooling coils. When the atmosphere filters become blocked or the heating coils become filthy, the efficiency of this machine breaks down. The compressor and fans will need to work harder and the overall system will run warmer, increasing wear and tear. These components become prone to fail prematurely.

Just checking the coils for both dust and dirt and replacing Filters will have a significant affect on the grit and performance of the air conditioner.

Electrical Control Failure

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The mechanical methods of your air conditioner are subject To wear and tear. The compressor and fan controls can but wear out, especially when the air conditioner turns on and off regularly. (This is common when an air conditioner is too big for the area it is cooling.)

Corrosion of cables and terminals can be an issue in many air conditioners.Like Central Air Conditioner

A Small Prevention Feeling A Long Way

Simple maintenance and a Normal checkup will maintain your air Conditioner working in its best and offer a long life your your investment.

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