What Is Santeria!

In order to understand Santeria, I’ve defined some of the conditions which are extraordinarily important if you want to understand and or fully understand this Afrocuban culture. To Be Able to Know Santeria I’ve defined some of the expressions which are extraordinarily important should you want to understand and fully understand this Afrocuban culture.

Yoruba’s are members of some West African the Yoruba folks pray and service the Orisha: An Orisha or as others might call it Orisa/Orixa is spiritual being or presence that is translated as one of the manifestations of GOD (Olofi) inside the Santeria Religion or faith.

To Be Able to Ascertain who are your Crowned Orisha if that is the route which you decide to shoot, one ought to receive their own Guerreros or even Elekes (collar) you will find just two collections of warriors (only type that the babalaos) and another from santeros meaning the elegant which you receive from the bacalao is exu along with also the santero is elegua. The marking of this mind could be achieved when you get your mano p orunla, it’s advised that the particular person who’s doing this should have Godparents. I’ve heard some people today go and get orunla without with lakes, which might signify they don’t possess some godparent representation, but normally this isn’t very suggested.

Santeria means’ honour or way of the saints’ And is a Spanish word, while Voodoo comes with an African American etymology and signifies”moral fibre” Santeria is based on Yoruba beliefs, although Voodoo is based on Fon and Ewe customs.

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